30 July 2015

Do You?

"Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?"

"I believe in not just one type of love-at-firsts.
I believe in love at first mindblowing conversation. I believe in love at first roadtrip. Love at first fight, and love at first exchanged apologies after the fight.
In the morning, I believe in love at first sight... of her sleeping in your bed. In the late evening, love at first pillow talk.
Love at first synced periods and everyone is cranky and everyone has cramps and you can't use your PMS card because the other person is in the same level of hell as you are, (asshole).
I believe in love at first "I hate you so much" and she knows you're kidding. Love at first "Why am I in love with you again?" and you know she's kidding.
I believe in love at first Big Fight, when you're questioning why, or whether it's worth it. I believe in love at first running out of air because you're both laughing so hard. Love at first holding her hair when she's hungover. Love at first cup of tea and bowl of soup she makes for you because you're having a terrible case of flu.
Love at first tangled up in bed don't know where your skin ends and hers begins. Love at first empty space left side of the bed and it's always a little colder.
Love at first birthday when she's planning a surprise party and you didn't know. Love at first birthday when you're planning a surprise party and she already knows. Love at first "can you just tell me what you want for your birthday this year" and you actually already know what she wants.
Love at first dancing to Tracy Chapman's The Promise in the living room. Love at first screaming hysterically because "THERE IS A COCKROACH IN THE LIVING ROOM GET IT OUT OF HERE"
I believe in the kind of love that never runs out of firsts."

17 July 2015

it's all about commitment

"do you know how to stay together no matter what?"

1) stay together,
2) no matter what."