30 August 2011

first love

"Your first love is the one that will break your heart the hardest, the one that will take the longest to recover from, and the one that will always leave you wondering what went wrong.. The one you will love forever...no matter what they did." - tumblr
"Someone that will always stay in your heart no matter what. The first real relationship you had with. The first person you felt truly connected to. The first person you poured your heart to with them accepting them as who you are. The first person you’ve shared happiness and worries as one. You always think of them from time to time, how they’ve changed, the relationship you had with them, and the wonderful memories you made with them.*The person you loved and cared for the first time and had special feelings for, that wasn’t just simply an ordinary crush. The first person you’ve shared many of your first amazing experiences with. Someone who you’ll help if they’re in need, even if you don’t talk to them. Someone who you’ll always be happy for and wishing them the best. Even though you want to try to erase them from your memories, the main reason for not forgetting your first love is because your love for that person was sincere, and the first." - tumblr

"You will always love your first love. They will always be in your heart, always. Now that's a promise of always and forever. No matter how badly they hurt you, no matter how much pain and tears they put you through. You will always love them. And if you don't, that shows you they weren't your first love" - tumblr

"Getting over your first love, is like trying to get over your mother or father who was close you dyingYou can’t. Well, at least I can’t, no matter how hard I try, no matter if I’m in love with my boyfriend or not, your first love always sticks in your heart. I may just be raging, or venting, or rambling whatever you want to call it, but it’s true. I will forever have love for him, boyfriend, married, whatever, it’s always going to be there." - tumblr

"It’s unforgettable and irreplaceable. Every time you try to love again, you will look back to your first love and think of how you felt when you were with them. You will always think of the good and bad times, how happy you were with them, how you thought forever wouldn’t last, the “I love you”s, the LOVE and just how you thought they would never hurt you. Nothing hurts more than losing your fist love, but you will move on." - tumblr

okay stop. there must be someone who comes to your mind automatically when you read this post, right? :)

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